Brief biographical statement

Humberto Ortega Villaseñor is a professional painter, researcher and professor of the University of Guadalajara.  He was born in Mexico City on March 6, 1951. He dedicated himself to painting from the age of five when his father taught him watercolor. After receiving his Bachelor of Law degree in 1975 at the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM), Villaseñor furthered his Master’s studies at the University of London in Great Britain and finished his Phd at UNAM in Mexico (1982).  He has had numerous individual exhibitions (38), sixteen in Mexico, seven in the United States and fifteen in Europe since 1975. He has participated in such a period in 17 collective expositions organized in Mexico and abroad.

Some of Humberto’s works have been selected by funds, cultural organizations and foreign Museums to become part of their collections. There are some corporative and private persons who track his steps and collect also his works.

As a researcher, Humberto has published five books entitled The Chinese and Maya (2008), Towards a Multicultural Nation, a Study of Linkage to Preserve the Richness and Cultural Diversity of Mexico in the Future (2010), Beyond Dialogue. A Case Study of Blended Learning (2013) Dark Matter. Exports of Mexican Crude Oil (1982-1988); Historical Study and Prospective Balance (2017)], and Word and image, an interdisciplinary relationship study (2017). He has also coordinated a collective book, The Means of the Future: Between Conditional Freedom and the Search for Truth (2018), in which researchers from the University of Guadalajara.

Mexico and the Constantine  the Philosopher University in Nitra, Slovakia participate.

His essay work includes more than 60 book chapters and scientific articles published in specialized magazines from Brazil, Canada, Chile, China, Colombia, Spain, Slovakia, Slovenia, United States, Italy, Poland, Taiwan, etc. and in Mexican periodicals. Currently, he is looking into the links between visual and literary creativity not only as an artist but as a researcher of The House of the Word and Images which depends on the Department of Literary Studies of the University of Guadalajara. He resides in Guadalajara with his wife Milagros and their sons Alonso and Alvaro.