Sweden 2007


Individual exposition of Humberto Ortega Villaseñor:

“Light in the Heart of the Word”
Drottninggatan 5,
Uppsala, Sweden
october 2007

(Poemas y fragmentos de poemas de Raúl Aceves,
El jardín infinito, Amaroma ediciones, México, c2006).


Footsteps of light

oil on hand made bark paper (40/60 cms)

I come from the house of no one
along the path that everyone takes
toward the house of the horizon,
following the footsteps of light



Series: The rock
oil on hand made bark paper (60/40 cms)

The rock
over the centuries
like a sculpture of eternity

It was already there
before forms
were invented
spirit that precedes matter

It was already there
before God
invented itself
born of immaterial rock

As perfect
empty sphere or cube
of silent geometry
or a head with conscious gaze,
seed of the first idea.

It has been heard
uttering sounds
previous to all music
and the budding syllables
of all song.



Cave and Table
oil on hand made bark paper (40/60 cms)

In the beginning were the signs
and their infinite rotation,
the arrowhead deep
in the flesh of days
and of naked gods.

Flint that imagined
the first shape of sacred art,
mother of the celestial beings
made into cave and table
of the first home and altar.



oil on hand made bark paper (40/60 cms)

plunge my hand into your breast
until I reach the earthly heart;
Then I plunge it in deeper
until I reach your angel heart

my hand disappears
having become a star



Flooded with Being
oil on hand made bark paper (60/80 cms)

…Inhabited by the force
of the invisible,
the dark word
of blinding light,
the voice of the silent one

Drunken words
fly about
in the deafened silence
of the unnameable
the butterfly of reality.



Punctuation Marks
oil on hand made bark paper (40/60 cms)

Once there was
an imperfect man
who wrote
imperfect poems
on the edge of the abyss

Once there was a journey
that lasted the whole life long
always about
to turn into the writing
of itself

Once there were
punctuation marks
of the perfect writing
that wrote beyond



Series: Bells
oil on hand made bark paper (60/40 cms)

a concert of brass bells ringing
in the cathedral of the air

The sun
etches on the stained-glass windows
its melodies of colors.

A flock
of angels settles down to perch
among the branches of the trees.



Sun Skin
oil on hand made bark paper (40/60 cms)

Souls grow
with themselves
in the wet season
so that someone can pick them
and eat them.

Beings burst in their sun skins
contained only
by the unmoving dance

of their vibrant life



Secret Gardens
oil on hand made bark paper (60/80 cms)

Under cover of night
the intermittent waves
come to disturb
the secret gardens
with their dark

are witness
to their indecipherable



Raining Suns
oil on hand made bark paper (40/60 cms)

Inflamed suns
rain outward
the deep house of the soul
into the garden of light

Raining from all
the ignited cells
toward the high branches of the air
and the gale opens
heaven’s windows



oil on hand made bark paper (40/60 cms)

Rambling water
that took off one day
from the other shore
board a palm tree
looking out over the void

Liquid poetry
that leaves its fleeting
footstep on the sand
that the sea washes away
after reading it

Everything is
written now, all that’s left is
to say it out loud
and with frenzied froth



The Drop
oil on hand made bark paper (60/40 cms)

From the highest heaven
From the deepest sleep
From remote ancestors
And crystalline memories

Dark beneath the hard skin
That opens its window
Of ploychrome lights
Toward the opaline sky.

I see in its lips
The emerging head
Of a word
And I see in its eyes
the tip of what?