Slovenia 2010

Exhibition at CELICA, in Ljubljana Slovenia (2010)

Technique: mixed media on amate paper
Size: 60 / 40 CM


Multi-verse paradox, linking scales of light

Presentation of Pictorial Exhibition

The Golden Section, number phi or divine proportion is a beautiful and elegant geometrical-mathematical ratio that effectively summarizes the laws governing aspects of proportion, rhythm and invariance found in all growing things (both animate and inanimate alike), i.e., in all evolving matter. A ratio that, as it unfolds, marks the involution and death of all life processes.

This formula achieved the status of fundamental knowledge underlying all reality in different ancient civilizations, as evidenced by numerous cultural manifestations of capital importance in the fields of architecture, painting, music, poetry and performing arts in many cultures throughout the world and over the centuries. In recent times, however, this knowledge has been relegated to the sidelines, a marginal or secondary topic of Art History or Aesthetics.

And yet the Golden Section deserves to recover its rightful place among contemporary scientists, due to the practical implications it seems to offer in fields of fundamental knowledge such as Astronomy and Physics. The discoveries made by these two frontier sciences in recent years are impressive, and have given rise to intriguing models of the Universe and theoretical postulations that attempt to explain reality in a comprehensive way, from its own perspective. Nevertheless, these contributions to knowledge have not managed to overcome their partial, fragmentary nature due to the lack of correspondence between the models that try to make sense of discoveries and events taking place on a cosmic level, and those coming out of microphysics. In other words, what astronomers see in the skies cannot be reconciled with observations made at the micro level, and vice versa: phenomena at the subatomic level cannot be scientifically proven at a macro scale. And this is inadmissible.

The formula of the Golden Section, on the other hand, manages to account for the development and decrepitude of all beings moving within the ineluctability of their own time, their own life cycle (ranging from systems of galaxies and stellar bodies to subatomic systems and particles). This dynamic postulation, which seems to synthesize the laws of Nature and that therefore may be called the Natural Model, casts a wide net, and could be an antidote to the dispersion of so many valuable contributions made by physicists, linking them to discoveries from other fields of frontier sciences such as Astronomy.

This small pictorial exhibition is made up of 9 pairs of abstract paintings that seek to concelebrate this finding. Thus, the criterion use for dividing planes, layout and chromatic shifts in each pair is resolved through recourse to the Golden Section. The units of each series represent a specific cosmic event linked to another event at the subatomic level. Even though they take place at different dimensions or scales of reality, macro and micro reveal similarities or complementarity precisely due to the underlying connection of the Golden Section. The 20 paintings measure 60/40 cm, and were created with a mixed technique of spatula on hand-made amate paper.


1) Brane of the Eleventh Dimension

2) Pulsar Wind Nebula


3) Quanta´S Founding Space

4) The Tree of Universal Matter


5) Closed-off Quantum Mechanics

6) Conciousness Mechanics


7) Collision of Neutrinos

8) Neutron Star Mirabilis


9) Nuclear Fusion Tenderness

10) Yellow Dwarf Star Seed


11) Within a Quasar, Love

12) Strong & Fragile Photon


13) Quantum Non-Locality-Challenge

14) Multiverse


15) Micro-Wave Intricacies

16) Space Waves Determining Life


17) The Promise of Higgs Boson

18) High Mass Star Formation